Hello! I wanted to upload this video sooner but I’ve been so preoccupied with out trailer, attempting to enjoy the summer, and major wisdom teeth issues! None the less, I’ve finally got another video up for those of you who are interested in how we grocery shop and eat as newly transitioned vegans! I will also have a “what I eat in a week” video out ASAP in follow up to this vlog. PS. In today's video, I say phrases that I've never said before in my life. ie: "on deck" and "whatever may be"... I don't know... please enjoy anyways!



We took a trip up to the mountains that we are so lucky to get to call our back yard! The sun was hot, the weather was perfect, and Chino got his first bee sting! Poor guy. Anyways, here’s some cute photos from a field of Daisys (that were actually all weeds, but who cares - they’re pretty!) I tried to link my outfit below from the Aritzia sale but it’s unfortunately all sold out, I’m sorry!