We knew for sure that we were going to be getting married on the beach. When we first got engaged, we considered elopement: it was cheaper, easier, and way less stressful. But, there was just something about getting married around your closest friends and family that was too hard to pass up! Don't get me wrong, I completely understand why people elope, especially when you don't have a budget to work with. We had a lot of mishaps the day of our wedding ceremony, but that is just what happens when you plan an outdoor wedding! Regardless of what the beach threw at us, our ceremony ended up even more beautiful than we had originally planned. I (of course) was the last to arrive for the ceremony, but when all the guests arrived to the beach location, we were shocked to see the waves way past the beach and crashing into the shore that we were originally going to get married on. Jim had to do some really quick thinking, grabbed the help of his friends, and moved everything up to the staircase leading up to our original ceremony location. It turned out the wedding arch (that Jim built himself!!) fit perfectly over the white staircase leading to the beach! It turned out beautifully... honestly, it all couldn't have worked out better! I don't know why we didn't just think to use that from the start! Guests were also now able to stand off to the side, in the shade, which worked out better for them. And our friend Sean, who played our aisle song Sweet Creature by Harry Styles on acoustic guitar, was able to stand up on a small cliff that suited his position so well!


As far as our ceremony decor went: we didn't want to waste any money or time on real florals. We were so immersed in nature, it felt like it would be okay to use faux vine leaves and silk florals around our arch. The leaves were originally to create an aisle on the sand, but wrapping them around the staircase railings was a great alternative. Pus, it looked so bohemian, I loved it. We chose to build our own wedding arch because it was a total of $120 for each and every supply we needed, but triple that to rent one. It only felt right to save a couple hundred dollars and just build and stain one ourselves. It really wasn't hard and we then sold it to a very friendly couple the day after! Easy Peasy! If you are a hands-on couple, there are so many DIY hacks you can take into your own hands, or so many alternative decor options at a cheaper rate! 


We chose a private beach to have our ceremony on because it was so much more quiet, and the the entire entrance was incredible. It was like it was made for a wedding ceremony. We had never seen this beach or entrance before, but magically stumbled upon it when we took a wrong turn while on our wedding location hunt back in February. It was a no brainer immediately. Even the way the vines drop down the path that leads up to the staircase we ended up having our ceremony on, were perfect. Hanna, our photographer, is so talented. She framed the leaves so well in all the aisle the photos, we truly couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. If any of you reading this are due to have a wedding soon, or whenever your day comes, just know: not everything will necessarily go as planned and that's OKAY! It'll turn out even better. You just have to trust the universe has a bigger plan for your big day than you originally thought. Always remember why you're marrying the person you are, and if something goes wrong, it's good luck! At least that's what everyone kept telling us! 


I feel really lucky that we already have all of our wedding photos back! We only got married a week ago.... This is UNHEARD of! Hanna is so talented and she was so on it. I'm glad I can share all of the (many) shots with you all so soon! Not to mention the fact that she sent us 6 teaser photos the next day after our wedding. That is how it should be!! Next up is our wedding video and I am so incredibly excited to see it!


I've had a lot of questions about the bridesmaids dresses, and honestly, the girl's just picked them out themselves! The last thing I wanted to be was a bridezilla... I wanted this wedding to be fun, comfortable, and as affordable as possible for the people who were asked to be a part of the wedding party. I didn't want them to feel pressure to wear something they didn't like, or to spend money they couldn't afford to spend on a dress they may never wear again! I knew I wanted blush as their dress colour because I wanted blush incorporated into the bouquets and I just think it tied everything in together very well. They found these BCBG dresses on Revolve last summer for $100! Such a steal and they were so beautiful. They were the perfect mix of comfort and class and I think the dresses were incredibly flattering on them both! And if you are wondering, yes, we only had two groomsmen and two bridesmaids! We wanted a very small wedding and wanted to keep things very simple with the wedding parties. The more you add, the more complicated it can all get and this just kept everything so simple for us! I have known both of these girls for half my life and it was such an emotional rollercoaster ringing in such a monumental day and point in my life with them! We're all slowly growing up...