I found my dream dress four days after Jim proposed to me... and not because I'm crazy but because he proposed while we were at the beach in Malibu last year and I knew my dream gown was going to be by Grace Loves Lace, who just so happens to only have showrooms in LA and the rest all the way in Australia! I immediately booked an appointment so that I could try on my favourite styles before our trip ended. They were all so beautiful but the Rosa stood out clear as day to me. I knew I wanted it in the ivory option because if there was one thing that I wanted to keep traditional about our wedding, it was to wear all white. I later decided to add in the Jolie veil, one I had my eye on for quite some time but wasn't sure if I was bold enough to wear such a different style veil. I am so glad I chose to purchase it because looking back on the day, it completely tied my entire look together. It's THE most stunning veil I've ever seen!


We incorporated my Abuela's pillow that she sewed for me when I was young. I remember her telling me that it was for my wedding day, and we saved it for exactly that! It was so nice getting to have a bit of my grandparents with us through small details like that. We also made our own bouquets! I knew I wanted to be hands-on with a lot of the details that day as well as work on an affordable (well, affordable for a wedding) budget, and one of the first to be cut out was florist costs. We all drove down to Trader Joe's to take a look at their flower options, and it took a total of five minutes before we put together exactly what I envisioned for us! I knew I wanted a LOT of greenery, and for the flowers to be a mix between white and blush to tie into the Bridesmaid dress colours. We chose eucalyptus leaves, and a mix of colours of carnations. I originally thought I wanted roses but they just looked far too traditional for the simplistic, bohemian look we were going for. We spent a total of $30 on flowers and they turned out exactly as we wanted.  


I can't tell you how much time I spent planning every little detail for our wedding over the last year. Then our wedding day came and I realized how little all of those things mattered. We finally started to relax the night before our wedding and really got to remember what getting married was all about. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with all of our closed friends and family at a beautiful air bnb we rented in the Santa Monica Mountains that all wedding parties stayed at together. Spending such an important and exciting time so close to all of those people, really brought us all together and I swear that is the only way anyone should ring in their wedding! The girls got ready upstairs while the boys took the pool room downstairs. The day flies by exactly as fast as every past bride will tell you it does!


We all got ready on our own and invited my mom up to see everything once I was fully dressed in my gown. It was such an emotional moment but I'm so glad it happened, because it helped me hold my composure during our ceremony! I will definitely be sharing our wedding photos through a four-part series because we have such an incredible amount of great pictures! I also filmed a tutorial on my super simple bridal hair as well, if you'd like to see it you can watch it here!