The Real World

jacket - aritzia, jeans - h&m, booties - zara

jacket - aritzia, jeans - h&m, booties - zara

Here are my thoughts on what can be the extremely superficial world of blogging & social media: It is so important to me to keep things real. Yes, fashion and beauty are a huge passion of mine, but if you aren't making the effort to do some good with your following every now and then, in my opinion, perhaps you aren't doing what you should be doing with the opportunities that have been given to you. The people that I choose to keep up with online, are the people who inspire and continue to inspire me every single day. Being able to take fashion, beauty, lifestyle, whatever it may be that builds you an audience, and balancing that with the real life issues that also inspire you, is a very hard thing to do. What draws me to someone's creative online presence is when they are able to keep a realness to it, i.e.: every post they make isn't an ad made up of false opinions that they are paid to make, or pretending to lead some perfect lifestyle that is from from most people's realities. Today, I am talking with Rylee Breen Maver because she was one of the first people I thought of when I pictured the right influencer who showcases these exact points. 

Rylee has been a huge influence of mine for years. Through this time, I have followed her daily via apps like instagram & snapchat. Through these platforms she talks freely about her opinions on such important issues such as bullying and suicide, all while finding a balance to share her amazing fashion sense, great beauty tips, and sharing all about her vegan lifestyle. A huge thank you to Rylee for taking the time to chat with me and being a part of this!!!

What are the most important issues to you, and what do you hope to convey to your following through discussing them?
R: For me, I think all issues that happen in today's society are so important and we have the responsibility to learn and be aware of issues which are happening to every being on this earth. Some people believe Ignorance is bliss and they choose not to be aware of what is happening around us. When it comes down to what is important to me, I truly live by the saying "Be a voice for the voiceless". Cyber Bullying, Bullying, Suicide, Self Love, Equality and Animals are the most relatable topics to me which I personally have a connection to, because they have all been part of my journey of who I am at this present moment. When it comes to bullying, self love, equality, depression and suicide I hope to make vulnerability somewhat acceptable and for my followers to know that they are not alone, this is not the end of your story and that there is such a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I was taught at a young age to embrace my uniqueness and to be proud of who I am and what I have become. The only acceptance that is truly important, is the acceptance you have for yourself and the person you are. 

What or Who are your biggest inspirations, and where do you draw them from? 
R: My family. I was blessed with such an inspiring and strong mother who everyday amazes me with her compassion and kindness. Growing up with a single mother, an older sister who is also my best friend, a courageous grandmother and drag queen uncle was the most inspiring journey. I have drawn inspiration from all of them in their own unique way. My family always pushed me to believe in myself and to follow my dreams. They have always been there to guide me into a positive direction in my life. My mum has been through so many hard times through her life but she still seems to keep moving and holding her head high and always giving me unconditional love. My uncle Mincey was the most inspirational person I have ever met in my life. He was the true definition of following your dreams. He was a performer, a singer, an activist, a jeweller, a writer and had so many other passions and talents.  He always taught me to have confidence and to stand up what I believed in. He taught me to raise my voice and to stand for something even if that meant standing alone. 

How do you find a balance on your social media platforms between fashion, as well as important real life issues and topics? 
R: I work in fashion and I am constantly in that industry 24/7 but my heart is filled with compassion for issues which are important to me. Fashion will always be here and social media will always be saturated by it. Obviously fashion is extremely important in my life because it's the industry I work in and appreciate. But as humans, we shouldn't ever take life for granted. We were given the best gift which can easily be taken away from us, which is life. We all have a responsibility on this earth and that is to be kind to one and other and to show compassion to every living being.