At Home

cozy living room goodies ft. white eames chair + a fur rug is my go-to for desk comfort, and clearly i've hooked chino on the fur obsession because his bed has now been covered in that brown fur blanket (from ikea)!

big ass leaf & some shelves off of my dressing table. i use white ceramic toothbrush holders for all of my brushes + i like to stack up some of my eyeshadow palettes next to books - i think it looks cute! everything else is shoved into my drawers, i'm not as minimalist as this makes me seem...

what working from home usually looks like! i love white, grey & pink for bedding but i'm lacking on the pink because i live with a boy and it just didn't seem fair to make him sleep in a pink bed... fur blanket is from west elm. chino doesn't seem to mind that one either ;)

my closet was too dark to photograph but i want to do a house tour video soon where i will touch more on that. my closet is actually a place that i have managed to minimize (a lot!) and bein to start fresh with. kitchen features granola, flax seed & pink himalayan salt! we keep chino's treats in that cute container to the right, its from david's tea and actually meant for tea but oh well! the white skull is from melrose trading post & our coffee table has recently been updated to a rectangle one as the original square one we bought when we first moved in was just a bit too big for our small living space!

some bathroom goodies featuring my many face masks + mermaid hair salt spray. i will keep you posted on the mermaid hair! i haven't tried it yet but it smells like summer in a bottle and i definitely can't wait to create some beachy waves with it!