This Is Kit and Ace

Jim and I spent the day out and about downtown, shooting some classic Calgary shots for Alaskan Airlines. We started with brunch at one of our favourite spots, Holy Grill.

I wanted to wear something comfortable and breathable, as our mornings can be chilly but the afternoons warm up quite a bit in the summer time here. I love this oversized, cozy tee from kit & ace. I paired it with some vintage levi's that I picked up a few months ago. My slip-on's are from Aldo, I like them because they are sort of like an affordable version of some of my favourite Gucci loafers! I hadn't owned a pair of shoes from Aldo in years before these, but it seems like they're really stepping their game up! Who What Wear featured these shoes as a top pair to own this summer under $100, so if you like them - get them now! They're going fast!!