Since it was our last day, yesterday consisted of a lot of eating. First we had breakfast at Leo and Lily in Woodland Hills. It's for sure my new favourite breakfast spot - it was SO good. I had the "avocado toast" and of course vanilla bean macarons ;)

For lunch, we came to Malibu Seafood. They are known for how great their fish and chips are, and they lived up to our expectations for sure! You really can't beat sitting right at the ocean, watching dolphins for lunch. 

For dinner we had Roscoe's chicken and waffles - I didn't get a photo though, I must've been too busy eating... But desert was California Donuts, which is open 24 hours so it was the perfect late night/early morning snack. My favourite for sure is the "Marble" (bottom left) But the panda is a close second just for how cute it is.