2016 Favourite Moments

This year was the year of like, realizing things.... 

But in all seriousness, I think that 2016 taught me more than any year so far. I feel like I did so much growing up this year. I turned 23, and everything just felt different. I wanted more for myself, and for those I loved. I realized that I wasn't going to settle for anything less anymore.

I got to spend the year travelling back and forth from California many times, and got my fair share of sun (which is really all a girl can ask for...) at our second home in Palm Springs. This year had it's ups and downs for sure, and I can definitely see where everyone is coming from when they say what a bad year it was. BUT, looking through all of these moments, I realized everything wonderful that 2016 brought me too. We had to give our beloved cat, Tito, away to a friend after 3 years of allergies, I lost my grandfather, but I also started a YouTube, we moved into a new home, took so many road trips, and I went back to school... just to name a few. 

After going though hundreds of photos, I have rounded up my favourite moments from this year. These photos include my favourite outfits, food that I ate, people I spent the year with, and the places I went. This NYE, please don't drink & drive, have fun, and cheers to 2017 everyone! stay happy & healthy!