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... Can you tell I like David's Tea? ;)

Jim and I moved a couple of weeks ago! As we're slowly settling in, I thought I would update you guys with a small blog-tour of the new digs! We honestly only wanted white & silver as our colour scheme, we're slowly weening out all of the black colours we used to have. I hope this post helps those of you working with a smaller space to get some ideas on how to minimize your belongings! I know we've definitely learned a thing or two about what we truly need, at least at this point in our lives. There are still a few major things we'll need, ie: A BED!

So, I will definitely provide a second updated version of this in the next week as we finish up our furniture shopping! But for now - enjoy! xx

west elm jewelry box - similar here
ikea storage boxes to live by  here
marble cutting board - similar here 
fur couch pillow cover - similar here