How To: Small Spaces

I decided to post about how I work with my small bedroom while still living at home, because I'm sure a lot of us would like to have our own place, but sometimes residing at your parents, or renting a room from a friend is just the best option for the time being. So here's a how-to on working with just a bedroom for your belongings! My first suggestion is to purchase a bedside table with drawers. It's been so helpful when it comes to storage for things like socks, bras, underwear, and swimwear. Instead of using my closet I picked up this super affordable clothing rack from ikea, and I try my best to keep my clothes down to a minimum and just keep what I wear often. This works wonders when you have a small space. I added shelving around the rack for a lot of my accessories as well. Tucked next to that is Chino's kennel (where he seldom actually goes...) Fortunately he is a small dog, so he doesn't take up much space at home, or while travelling!

bedside table link
clothing rack link
wall shelf link

This tiny rose gold ikea lamp is one of my favourite items I've found there! And to top it off it was only $14.99. It's LED so its super bright for how little space it takes up. link here. I love coffee table books, and always purchase whatever one comes out by any style icon that I follow. (naturally mary-kate and ashley's "influence" is one of my favourites.) I also keep my favourite lush body lotion next to my bed for the dry winter months.

I keep a humidifier on at all times in the winter, just because it's so dry where I live. I also always have a thick furry blanket on my bed like this leopard print one from indigo. similar one here. I'm glad I was able to find wall space for my large mirror because I don't think a room is complete without a full length mirror. 

mirror link

Since I hang all of my clothes on my rack, or tuck them away in my nightstand, I decided to turn my small walk-in closet into a mini office. All I was able to fit was a tiny desk and floor lamp, but I was really excited about this project, because now I have somewhere to sit when I post! If you are able to ween down your articles of clothing, and have a small space to work with, its a fun idea to turn your closet into a little nook like I did with this one!

light link
chair link
desk link