We took a mini getaway this past weekend into the woods! I really didn’t want to take on typical long weekend traffic and go anywhere too far, SO, we climbed up a mountain into the woods and camped in the back of our Volkswagen Tiguan! We hadn’t camped in the back of our car before, and I can’t believe how much we loved it! It was so cozy, and honestly the best time ever. I want to spend as much of our weekends outdoors camping as possible now! We folded our seats down, used a foam mattress topper, loaded up the back with cozy blankets and pillows, and had ample space. Chino also had the time of his life in case anyone was wondering… ;) Thank you to Calgary Heritage Coffee Roasters for hooking us up with the best coffee and mugs we could’ve possibly camped with!




Just when you thought this video (that I always swore I’d film) would never come, it did. Trust me, I felt like it would never happen for me too, but the day has come and I am INVISALIGN FREE! Well, I still have to rep my trays full time for three months but I won’t have attachments stuck to my teeth and it feels about as good as winning the lottery. I receive tons of DM’s asking about my experience so I hope this helps clarify anything you’ve been wondering, while also giving you a super realistic expectation on the process! Check out the video below for all the details on my experience, plus the before & after! I cover the good… and and of course, the bad.