I was so pleasantly surprised by how many vegan options there were in Edmonton! Calgary seriously needs to step their game up. We took a mini-escape over the weekend and barely had time to try everything we wanted to. So, until we’re able to return for another weekend of eating, here’s my favourite things we did have the time to try!

First stop was KB&CO! Because I am used to such a strict routine of starting my morning off with a smoothie, it’s hard to stray from it - even when we’re away! The smoothie was delish and the space was super cute. I didn’t grab much else because I had to plan strategically, and since we definitely wanted to try Cafe Mosaics for brunch, I got a light smoothie and was hungry again by noon!

The best part about eating brunch with someone who’s down to share dishes with you is that you can grab one sweet and one savoury! Jim and I went IN on this tofu scramble with veggie breakfast sausages (it was unreal), but most importantly, we were able to try the matcha pancakes and boy oh boy did they ever deliver. I am so envious that Edmontonian’s get to have access to a place like Cafe Mosaics!

We did a lot of walking around this trip because we had Chino with us and we wanted to have him out of the hotel room as often as possible. We stayed right downtown and it was so nice. I can’t believe how much Edmonton has cleaned up over the last little while (don’t hate me Calgary, but Edmonton’s downtown is so much nicer than ours!)

Amongst all the walking, naturally, we got hungry. Luckily, there’s tons of vegan treats like Cinnaholic and Doughnut Party (honestly some of the best donuts I’ve ever had in Canada). A yeast doughnut covered in icing and sprinkles is my jam and they’ve nailed it.

For dinner, we grabbed Die Pie and okay… it’s better than Virtuous Pie. THERE I SAID IT! It was so delicious and I’m drooling just writing about it now. We grabbed an order of the buffalo chicken mac n’ cheese and the buffalo chicken pizza (we like buffalo…) and for dessert, the cheesecake. Yum. I definitely went into a sugar coma that weekend but that’s okay. It was worth it. Then, with a quick pit stop at Sylvan Lake (I had actually never been, which is crazy) we we’re back home and scrambling to find somewhere to eat that would compare to the places we got to chow down on in Edmonton!




Jim and I took a getaway to Fernie this weekend to celebrate our 6 year(!!!) anniversary! I had been to Fernie a few years ago on a snowboarding trip, and it’s always been a hub I’ve passed through on longer road trips in the past, but I had no idea how easy it was to drive up and spend a weekend there doing no sports related activities! They have some of the best food I’ve had in Canada, some of the cutest shops to explore, and the nicest little downtown area. Plus the drive from Calgary is beautiful. So here’s a guide to everything we did and everything you should do next time you go! We’ll be going back one day very soon - if at the very least - just to stop and have tacos at Nevados.


When we were driving and I saw a sign for Sparwood, I remembered that this was the stop for the “largest truck in the world” that my friends and I always used to stop at on our way to and from Montana in the summers. It was so funny being back but I’d say Chino had a pretty good time posing at yet another road trip tourist attraction.

We stayed at an adorable motel on 4th street and were only a 2 minute walk from goodies like The Happy Cow ice cream (that we sadly did not get to try because we were so full after dinner) and a 10 minute walk from 2nd ave where we found some adorable shops and dang good restaurants. We arrived at a bit of an awkward time because not many restaurants opened until 5, so once we finished exploring, we grabbed a drink at The Brick House. I got some wheat beer they had on tap from Fernie Brewing Co. and I swear it was the best beer I’ve ever had. We knew we were set on grabbing Nevados for dinner (Yelp is your best friend when it comes to needing to track down where to eat in a new town, and their ratings did not disappoint.)


We stuffed our faces with some of the best tacos we’ve ever had at Nevados and then make the difficult decision to skip out on happy cow ice cream to order the churros for dessert. Well worth it though. We’ll catch ya next time, happy cow.


We are pretty dang gluten intolerant and I figured i’d done enough cheating to have a stomach ache for a while, so this morning we skipped out of Big Bang Bagels which I’m sure is a travesty to a lot of you... BUT we got delicious Americanos from Valley Social cafe. Like, very good ones. And then naturally, we had Beyond Breakfast sandy’s from A&W for breakfast both days of our trip because they are SO good.


I’m excited to take a trip back to Fernie whether it be a pit stop or for the whole weekend once summer fully hits! Now, everyone go run to Nevados because you won’t regret it.