Just when you thought this video (that I always swore I’d film) would never come, it did. Trust me, I felt like it would never happen for me too, but the day has come and I am INVISALIGN FREE! Well, I still have to rep my trays full time for three months but I won’t have attachments stuck to my teeth and it feels about as good as winning the lottery. I receive tons of DM’s asking about my experience so I hope this helps clarify anything you’ve been wondering, while also giving you a super realistic expectation on the process! Check out the video below for all the details on my experience, plus the before & after! I cover the good… and and of course, the bad.



I turned 26 this past weekend! My favourite part of my bday is that it’s during the perfect time of year: right around the time that all the lilacs and cherry blossoms bloom! Life is flying by and it’s absolutely crazy, but - it was also a great weekend so I’m going to ignore the fact that I’m on the wrong side of 25 moving forward… Just kidding. Growing up is fun! I also found the perfect antique mirror and it’s everything I’ve been looking for and more, so stay tuned for plenty of outfit photos through this cutie!



I was so pleasantly surprised by how many vegan options there were in Edmonton! Calgary seriously needs to step their game up. We took a mini-escape over the weekend and barely had time to try everything we wanted to. So, until we’re able to return for another weekend of eating, here’s my favourite things we did have the time to try!

First stop was KB&CO! Because I am used to such a strict routine of starting my morning off with a smoothie, it’s hard to stray from it - even when we’re away! The smoothie was delish and the space was super cute. I didn’t grab much else because I had to plan strategically, and since we definitely wanted to try Cafe Mosaics for brunch, I got a light smoothie and was hungry again by noon!

The best part about eating brunch with someone who’s down to share dishes with you is that you can grab one sweet and one savoury! Jim and I went IN on this tofu scramble with veggie breakfast sausages (it was unreal), but most importantly, we were able to try the matcha pancakes and boy oh boy did they ever deliver. I am so envious that Edmontonian’s get to have access to a place like Cafe Mosaics!

We did a lot of walking around this trip because we had Chino with us and we wanted to have him out of the hotel room as often as possible. We stayed right downtown and it was so nice. I can’t believe how much Edmonton has cleaned up over the last little while (don’t hate me Calgary, but Edmonton’s downtown is so much nicer than ours!)

Amongst all the walking, naturally, we got hungry. Luckily, there’s tons of vegan treats like Cinnaholic and Doughnut Party (honestly some of the best donuts I’ve ever had in Canada). A yeast doughnut covered in icing and sprinkles is my jam and they’ve nailed it.

For dinner, we grabbed Die Pie and okay… it’s better than Virtuous Pie. THERE I SAID IT! It was so delicious and I’m drooling just writing about it now. We grabbed an order of the buffalo chicken mac n’ cheese and the buffalo chicken pizza (we like buffalo…) and for dessert, the cheesecake. Yum. I definitely went into a sugar coma that weekend but that’s okay. It was worth it. Then, with a quick pit stop at Sylvan Lake (I had actually never been, which is crazy) we we’re back home and scrambling to find somewhere to eat that would compare to the places we got to chow down on in Edmonton!