I started GRLCRIEDWOLF as an influence page a couple years ago. I knew I wanted to do something with it, but I didn’t know exactly what. Starting a small clothing line was the dream, and maybe I still will — ethically, of course — but I decided to start off with finally sharing my vintage collection with you all. I have always loved a good mix of vintage and designer, and I still do. It’s how I dress most of the time. I posted a poll on instagram last month asking all of you if it would interest you to see the items I have and would consider selling. You all said heck yes! So, as I add items every week, know that I don’t pull and won’t post anything that I wouldn't personally love to wear and use. I will always provide you with the best description I can so that you as a buyer can have a clear understanding of what you’re purchasing, I will always provide as much size range as I can, and I will always do my best to style them for you. Whether its home decor or clothing, there is always going to be something for everybody!


In a world where fast fashion is one of the biggest causes for environmental problems, it is important to find a balance of the items you as a consumer purchase. Whether you love to thrift yourself, or you love to shop the curated items chosen for boutique businesses like this one, you are making a huge difference to our environment, and saving yourself some money! I know that a lot of my followers come from the days where I used to dress head-to-toe in Aritzia, and although I still love their pieces and continue to buy certain ones, I try to find a lot of styles similar to the designs they have this year, for 1/3 of the price. You can now shop this weeks drop of items here (including this slip dress and LOTS of sweaters!!!) PS. Free shipping on all orders!



A cozy knit layered with a silk slip is my fall UNIFORM. I’m also bringing some colour in with these new Adidas Falcons! I feel pretty lucky that I even got them.. they sold out so fast! PS I went down a size in them if you’re looking to purchase some.